Gil Gordon

This month Gil continued his Estate Planning series in the FPA magazine with his article, “Partnering with the Lawyers”. This article builds upon the article featured in September 2017 titled “Building and Executing an Estate Planning Value Proposition” to create a distinguished estate planning offer. Please click here to read […]

Partnering with the Lawyers

  In the second article in the series, Gil discusses what a information a client needs about their financial and personal situation if a crisis strikes, and how advisers, helping clients to collate this information, can move into the position of trusted adviser. Gil also introduces an engagement idea – […]

Estate Planning Services – A New Approach

  This is the beginning of a series of articles Gil will be writing for the FPA Magazine in relation to Estate Planning. In this article Gil presents the case for Estate Planning as a service offering for accountants and advisers. Click here to read about the increasing importance of this […]

The Case for Estate Planning Services