As a guest of the legal hub, Gil takes a deep dive into how to execute Estate Planning in an advice practice by providing systemised deliverables that are both highly valued by clients and profitable to the practice. Gil discusses how to:

  • Successfully partner with Solicitors
  • Become your client’s vault, holding more than just financial information
  • Help your client when tragedy strikes
  • Facilitate introductions to the next generation

Length: 24 mins


An overview of the system – WITY EP (What’s Important to You – Estate Planning), the Information that Matters vault as well as a snapshot at the reports available including the Crisis Management Plan.


Gil Gordon (author of the system) presents the EPFL system to your client, explaining some of the key areas that any good Estate Planning adviser should cover, and how the system can help now and into the future.


Gil Gordon explains how he engages clients with Estate Planning For Life by developing a family tree and demonstrating the outputs of the system. Gil also shares some of the stories from his clients which helped shape the development of the system.