New version of Estate Planning for Life released

Estate Planning For Life

An efficient, easy-to-use, online system which enables advisers to take on a project management role and gain a holistic view of the client’s estate planning situation.


New feature – simplified ‘lite’ process

Option to conduct the full estate planning process with multiple reports or a ‘lite’ version for less complex clients with a new ‘lite’ report.

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Security Features

Private access

Email links expire after set time frame

Now advisers and advice business owners can run the MYP estate planning process for themselves with private user-only access.  Email links into the system have a limited lifespan – of your choosing.

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New Report Formats

New contemporary report formats bring a fresh look to the system outputs when you next review your client’s Information That Matters and Crisis Management Plans.

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See how Estate Planning For Life supports client engagement, creates and accelerates interest in estate planning, creates recurring value and transforms advisers into family and business managers, making them invaluable.

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